UCSI offers postpartum care

Mother’s Sanctuary combines the essentials of five-star hotel treatment with postnatal rejuvenation.

UCSI Group has launched Mother’s Sanctuary - a postpartum care service - as an extension of its hotel operations.

Offered by the five-star UCSI Hotel Kuching and the boutique Le Quadri Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Mother’s Sanctuary provides mothers, their newborns and their spouses with the quintessential hospitality that is associated with luxury establishments.

This comes as a significant value-added offering in addition to the postnatal care, weekly doctor visits, massage and rejuvenation therapy, yoga sessions, as well as parenting workshops, among other services, mothers have come to expect from postpartum centres in the market.

“We believe that we can start a new niche in postpartum care,” said Le Quadri resident manager Sedrick Soosay. 

“On top of the service, mothers will also be spoilt for choice with the variety of healthy food we serve. We have a great team of chefs and they’ll be preparing meals that will be both tantalising and nutritious.”

The gastronomic indulgence is complemented by a free flow of red date and ginger drinks, as well as constant servings of herbal soup and other traditional dishes that aid postnatal recovery and breastfeeding.

Security detail and privacy will also be a unique feature of Mother’s Sanctuary. With auxiliary police at the premises and round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, mothers can rest assured that their safety will always be prioritised.

UCSI Hotels has invested much effort at both locations to ensure a consistent level of service and experiences mothers can look forward to. This includes the installation of a sauna, the construction of a gym and an upcoming swimming pool in Kuala Lumpur.

Visit ucsimotherssanctuary.com for more information.