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Community Care
UCSI Group has been genuine and committed in caring for the community ever since its early years. In 1986, its founding chairman, Dato’ Peter Ng embarked into what he described as a journey of purpose instead of a journey of entrepreneurship. He did this by investing his life in building the capability and capacity of local and international communities through education. More than thirty years later, what he started as the Canadian Institute of Computer Science, and later Sedaya College, turned into a private university with more than 20 subsidiaries. This painted the backdrop of UCSI’s current corporate culture....

During its 30-year anniversary celebration in 2016, the University announced its commitment to award RM30 million worth of scholarships and bursaries to eligible students that year. By 2017, more than 4000 students received financial aid and scholarships totalling more than RM120 million from UCSI.

UCSI’s community care extends beyond financial support. The University also puts great emphasis on character and leadership development of its students. In 2019, UCSI University scholarship students ran almost 50 sustainability-related projects that impacted more than 6000 lives. These youth leaders were empowered through their campus life and education to become change agents in addressing the local community’s pressing needs such as quality education for the underprivileged, eradication of poverty, healthy lifestyles and so on.

UCSI Group’s commitment to education expands from the grassroots level to broader transformational national change. This includes providing life-long learning opportunities through its subsidiary UCSI Extension, and building professional learning communities through UCSI Consulting Group. The company’s support towards the establishment of the Regional Centre of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development demonstrates its strong advocacy for quality transformative education. By being a praxis university, UCSI also builds bridges between young adults and businesses, government agencies and non-governmental bodies.

UCSI Group’s contribution to community care via its education provider platforms is apparent. Outside this business sector, there were another 10 sustainability-related projects that were organised by its non-academic related subsidiaries. Some of the projects are also run in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, UCSI Hospital, Malaysia’s first private teaching hospital which was set up in 2020 to support the National Transformation Programme, demonstrates the company’s immense commitment towards SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being. Another example is UCSI’s support towards SDG 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution by initiating the establishment of the Centre for Peace and Unity Education. UCSI Group’s community engagement projects are countless. They have been successfully carried out with the mutual support of its partners who believe in a purposeful journey together.

Besides these two goals, UCSI Group, especially its students, greatly emphasise long term programmes based on SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 1 No Poverty. UCSI Group’s community engagement projects are countless. They have been successfully carried out with the mutual support of its partners who believe in a purposeful journey together.


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Environmental Care
Globally, there is a growing awareness that today’s economic model and human behaviour are pushing the finite natural resources of our planet to a gradual depletion. We are stealing from the future and our current consumption behaviour may cause the planet’s boundaries to cross beyond what it can cope unless these resources are being replenished. The UCSI community, driven by its sustainability motto, ‘Together We Shape the Future’, advocates enhancing responsiveness towards climate change by engaging its community and the public on regenerative actions. This includes the demands of a strategic and timely integration of regeneration and restoration of the eco-system....

The good news is that this problem opens up abundant opportunities for every individual, community and business to transform and collaborate. There are potential solutions to these problems. Besides addressing the pressing needs of the local context, as a private company, UCSI Group is also a strong advocator and partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each of its twenty over subsidiaries takes part in various programmes that contributes to this 2030 Global Agenda.

The company emphasises synergy and partnership locally and globally. Together, with the public and its partners, UCSI Group works primarily towards these three goals: SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 14 Life Below Water. Some of our long-term flagship projects are eco-edible urban gardening projects, soil regeneration and seed saving by UCSI Living Lab, the beach clean-up by UCSI College, garden-to-table by Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management of UCSI University, composting by the Group Logistic Management Office, and Nature is Our Treasure by the UCSI Community Development Centre.

UCSI University’s Sarawak Campus - the Secretariat to the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Kuching - has also made recognisable contributions in improving the ecosystem of Sarawak River Kiri (the main water source for Kuching).  Some of its astounding projects are the ‘River for Everybody’ School and Campus Programmes and the ‘Sarawak River Art Competition’. All faculties of UCSI University have begun integrating SDGs into their courses since 2018, and are on their way to report on sustainable related research publications.


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SDG Month

The UCSI SDG Month for 2021 is celebrated with greater determination and effort in connecting its community members, partners and the public to spark collaborative action for creating a regenerative and sustainable community. As a company with over 20 subsidiaries, UCSI aims to leverage its partnerships with other companies, learning institutions, government agencies, regional centres, non-governmental agencies, civil society organisations and so on towards greater awareness and collective action to address this century’s pressing needs to care for people and the planet.

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UCSI Group Initiative

UCSI Group has created an avenue for its community to submit an online voluntary reporting on their in-house sustainable projects. These goodwill projects are designed by UCSI Group but they may not fit directly with any UN SDGs’ target.

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