Vision and Mission



Shaping The Future Together with You


Understanding the vision

UCSI Group works to shape the future - a future that empowers. A future that inspires. And ultimately, a future that is shared. With the world. With you.

Starting with education as its niche in 1986, UCSI has always valued its students as co-creators. And we worked together with them in a two-way process of self-actualisation. Tens of thousands of students have gone on to realise their potential. And so have we.

Today, UCSI has gone beyond education. The Group runs sustainable operations in consulting, healthcare, hotels, properties and technology. Our stakeholders may have increased manifold. But our commitment remains the same.

Join us as we shape the future. Together.



Excel in Value Creation and Innovation with the passion for:
  • Service Excellence
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Sustainability


Advancing the mission

The existence and expansion of UCSI Group has always been contingent on value creation and innovation. Everything we do is based on an ironclad commitment to add meaning and value to our stakeholders. This constantly sees us asking ourselves: What’s better? What’s desirable? What’s next?

This is what we do to create tomorrow – a journey to improve lives and outcomes for people in Malaysia and beyond.

Service excellence

At UCSI, we are cognisant that while outcomes are important, compelling experiences are equally vital. With this in mind, we touch lives in the simplest ways, making each interaction memorable. We also set the bar high, challenging ourselves to keep doing better.

Responsible leadership

UCSI makes it a point to lead responsibly. From standing out as a centre of thought leadership, empowering the underprivileged to making business decisions with far-reaching impact, we stand firmer and fight harder to address the industry’s present and future needs.


UCSI champions sustainability for a shared future that is equitable, thriving and inspiring. We actively promote education for sustainable development at the local level, changing outcomes and improving lives for communities around the world.


Core Values