Corporate Profile

UCSI Group is a leading Malaysian conglomerate that delivers game-changing outcomes for people, organisations and communities from more than 110 nations. UCSI is active in seven industry sectors: Education, Consultancy, Healthcare, Hotels and Travel, Properties, Retail, as well as Technology. Synonymous with excellence, UCSI stands out for running one of the world’s best universities under 50 years old, an industry-acclaimed consulting group that is anchored on Blue Ocean Strategy and an eponymous eco-friendly luxury hotel in Kuching. UCSI has also built a private hospital that advances the American model of clinical practice patientcare in Springhill, Negeri Sembilan.

Committed to value innovation and sustainable operations, UCSI is a firm advocated of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Group has enhanced equity in education through the provision of more than RM150mil in scholarships. Apart from quality education, the Group has also made significant contributions in the areas of economic growth, industry-academia partnerships, gender equality and the conservation of wildlife on land and sea.

The UCSI brand was officially launched in 2003 when its education arm was recognised by the Malaysian Education Ministry as one of Malaysia’s foremost education providers. Constantly referred to as UCSI by the Malaysian media, the brand stuck and became the Group’s identity. The Group was originally christened Sedaya in 1986.