UCSI Food Bank Helped More Than 3,000 Families

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 OCTOBER, 2021 – The UCSI Group took the initiative to launch the Food Bank program for the very first time to help the needy, and they have successfully helped more than 3,000 families around Klang Valley throughout the program.

Head of the program, Ts Lucas Lim said they received contributions of various essential goods such as rice, oil, instant noodles, canned food, biscuits along with cash worth more than RM50,000 in total.

"May our donations bring some cheer and relief to the families in need, especially now when everyone is struggling through tough times, including those who have lost their jobs or had their salary cut.

“But I do not want this Food Bank to be just a food bank, I aspire we can be more than that. Because this donated food may last a few days or a week, but these people need further support.

"Therefore, our Food Bank also offers counselling sessions with the assistance of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other help centres," he said.

The lecturer at De Institute of Creative Arts and Design, UCSI University said his team also took the initiative to assist some families who needed jobs to continue living.

"We help them to get employed to sustain in life and to move forward. We are grateful that our sponsors are willing to provide work-from-home opportunities.

"At least this effort can guarantee a continuous source of income to these families," he said.

UCSI employees also took turns playing significant roles in jointly ensuring the smooth distribution of food during the operation of the Food Bank in Block G of UCSI University that lasted more than a month.

"We operate within the university area, but when any information is received, we will deliver to certain areas according to the situation. Because sometimes, these recipients do not have a vehicle to come to us, so we take the initiative to go to their houses.

"Staff from various departments within UCSI also assisted at the Food Bank including those from Institute of Music, UCSI College, Group Corporate Affairs, Faculty of Applied Sciences, students from LEO Club and University Trust, to name a few," he said.

He also expressed his appreciation to the sponsors who helped his team in making this first UCSI Food Bank a reality, together with Lions Club of KL Capital, Omega Leo Club of UCSI University, SMI Electric Automation, Kawan Food, Tapaulah.com.my, Linaco, UCSI Living Lab and UCSI staff as well as the public.