SDG Awareness Quizzes

Sulitest is the main platform that reports to UN on global sustainability literacy. The term “Sulitest” comes from “Sustainability Literacy Test” and is defined as “the knowledge, skills and mindset that help compel an individual to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and allow him or her to make informed and effective decisions to this end”. As one of Sulitest’s official assessment centres, UCSI welcomes its staff and students to take on this assessment through UCSI Sulitest registered centre.

In aligning its education with this UN 2030 Global Agenda, UCSI progressively builds its community’s awareness and knowledge on sustainability via its in-house SDG Awareness Quizzes 1 and 2. Our upcoming Quiz Level 3 will be catered on the national level. These quizzes are designed to enhance and expose participants knowledge on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable practices applicable to individual, closest community, national and global.

Awareness Quiz Level 1

Please register here: SDG Awareness Quiz Level 1

Awareness Quiz Level 2

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