Connaught Market Centre (CMC)

Due to its rapid expansion, UCSI has extended the Campus area to include UCSI College and the Connaught Market Centre (CMC) in its vicinity in the year October 2020. UCSI Group aimed to bring to life and increase the vibrancy to the Taman Connaught’s community and beyond in addition to the famed ‘Pasar Malam Taman Connaught’. Since UCSI University moved to Taman Connaught in the year 2003, the ‘Pasar Malam Taman Connaught’ has since grown to be the longest (or biggest) Pasar Malam in Malaysia. With its strategic expansion, UCSI envision CMC’s variety of smaller retail/commercial units to be taken up by small time and permanent interested opportunists. Interested business enthusiasts can have an opportunity to start a variety of businesses at the vicinity of UCSI Campus at a minimum operation cost. The CMC is currently housing UCSI College, its Postgraduates Lounge, a Post Office, several phone retails and service centres and many more…

An esteemed superstore TF Value-Mart is opening its door soon for Taman Connaught for the year 2021.

For more information on units available, you may contact UCSI Leasing Office at the following: