Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

My One-Day Uni-Life or MODUL is a two-day event where teenagers of underprivileged background are required to attend for two consecutive weekends. In this event, the participants are given a chance to experience university life at UCSI University, where they are able to attend classes and get involved in student activities. The participants are also required to complete a group assignment under the guidance of facilitators. Through the various activities by MODUL, the participants get to learn more about the positive correlation between education and future career. This year, MODUL focuses mainly on building up soft skills (such as communication skills and teamwork) as well as teaching basic entrepreneurship. Simulation activities are carried out to allow participants to have a real experience as an entrepreneur. Through this event, participants get to build friendships with those of different backgrounds.


Organised by:

UCSI University Trust (Student), Kuala Lumpur Campus