Goal 15: Life on Land

Beach Cleaning is an activity conducted in Port Dickson that saw a total number of 80 participants. This effort is part of our long battle against environmental deficit which includes marine debris and plastic waste in Malaysia and aims to align with the theme of UN International Day of Peace 2019, which was Climate Action for Peace.

UCSI CDC Holiday Programme "Nature is Our Treasure" is a 3-day holiday programme themed "Nature is Our Treasure" that aims to instill the knowledge of sustainability among the young global citizens, to foster a sense of responsibility among young children in protecting our nature, and to identify ways in sustaining our nature resources. The programme taps on 4 sustainable development goals related to mother nature. Participants are asked identify the causes of social issues and ways to protect and sustain the natural environment.


Organised by:

Child Development Center (Staff)

Event Target:

15.2 By 2020, promote the implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests, halt deforestation, restore degraded forests and substantially increase afforestation and reforestation globally.

Permaculture Design Course or “This PDC” is a three-week event initiated by The Blue Ribbon's Environmental Care Programme as part of its environmental and peace initiative. Together with UCSI College, Permaculture for Refugee (P4R), Australia and Aranya Agriculture Alternative, India, and with the support from the UNHCR Livelihoods Sector (Malaysia), this PDC was also offered as Work Preparedness Training for refugees living in Malaysia. The course was made open to the public, and out of the 25 participants, 8 refugees and a trainer from the Orang Asli (indigenous) community came. Scholarships were given to those with financial needs.


Organised by:

SDGs Department (Staff), Kuala Lumpur Campus

Event Target:

15.1 By 2020, ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems and their services, in particular forests, wetlands, mountains and drylands, in line with obligations under international agreements.