Abu Bakar Bin Jalaluddin

Abu Bakar Bin Jalaluddin

Senior Vice-President, Group Legal

Abu Bakar bin Jalaluddin first attained his LL.B (Honours) from the University of London, followed by his Master of Business Administration at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia where he is also pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration.

He began his career with the civil service and later joined a private practice and consultancy firm. In 1994, he became the Principal of Stamford College, Kuala Lumpur and was the coordinator for Stamford Law School. In 2001, he joined UCSI University as Legal Advisor which included a portfolio related to businesses in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Today, he continues to helm the Group Legal Affairs Office, sparing time to support and manage several non-governmental bodies close to his heart, including WAKE, an NGO that provides shelter for women and children with AIDS.

As UCSI Group expands and prospers, Abu Bakar intends to apply his extensive experience in senior management, legal practice and administration to add value to member companies and propel them to greater heights in conformity with the vision and the mission of UCSI Group.