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UCSI Group Initiative

UCSI Group has created an avenue for its community to submit an online voluntary reporting on their in-house sustainable projects. These goodwill projects are designed by UCSI Group but they may not fit directly with any UN SDGs’ target.

SDG Awareness Quizzes

Sulitest is the main platform that reports to UN on global sustainability literacy. The term “Sulitest” comes from “Sustainability Literacy Test” and is defined as “the knowledge, skills and mindset that help compel an individual to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and allow him or her to make informed and effective decisions to this end”. As one of Sulitest’s official assessment centres, UCSI welcomes its staff and students to take on this assessment through UCSI Sulitest registered centre.

In aligning its education with this UN 2030 Global Agenda, UCSI progressively builds its community’s awareness and knowledge on sustainability via its in-house SDG Awareness Quizzes 1 and 2. Our upcoming Quiz Level 3 will be catered on the national level. These quizzes are designed to enhance and expose participants knowledge on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable practices applicable to individual, closest community, national and global.

Awareness Quiz Level 1

Please register here: SDG Awareness Quiz Level 1

Awareness Quiz Level 2

Please register here: SDG Awareness Quiz Level 2

Green Event and Meeting Checklist

This checklist gives guidance for an environment friendly practice for any event and meeting held by staff and students of UCSI. All events that meet the basic green initiative requirements will be given the “Green General Certificate”. Interested parties must register online at least eight working days prior to the event or meeting.

To go the extra mile, the UCSI community are encouraged to pursue best sustainability practices. This is benchmarked by the “Green Award” system. The Green Award consists of a 10-point system. The amount of points accumulated through the checklist will then be translated into a gold, silver and bronze awards.

Please register here: Guide to UCSI Green Event and Meeting 2019

Associate Professor Dr. Crystale Lim Siew Ying, the organiser of UCSI’s recently organised International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biotech was awarded with a Gold Award for meeting the Green Certification requirements.

Green Corners - Live Clean, Live Green!

UCSI has established green corners at almost every floor in its building to remind students and staff of the importance of having a shared and balanced eco-system. While this idea may be perceived as idealistic, it requires the participation of everyone from the community to play a role in this mission. Today, UCSI Community Green Corners is only made possible through a civic-conscious community that works hand in hand to preserve that little green lung within a concrete jungle.

In this project, besides the various corners around the UCSI University campus, several other UCSI Group subsidiaries were also selected to have UCSI Community Green Corners at their buildings. This compels students and staff to plant, beautify and maintain these corners, which is in support of UNSDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities and UNSDG 17 – Goal on Partnership.

Interest to volunteer? Register here: UCSI Green Corners Registration Form

UN SDGs Actions

There are overlapping of UN SDGs in almost every project. To simplify reporting and tracking, UCSI Group has created an avenue for its community to submit on-line voluntary reporting on their projects based on the 5Ps theme: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. Some projects may encompass a few UN SDGs and hence may incorporate several ‘P’s. UCSI’s UN SDGs report collate information on all goals and targets that are relevant to every project.


SDGs Programmes and Activities Registration

Voluntary commitment and partnerships between UCSI businesses and UN SDGs or 2030 Global Agenda is key in transforming its corporate culture. In inculcating a sustainable lifestyle or practice, UCSI created an online platform for staff and students to share related projects whether ongoing or completed. With this, others who are keen to run similar projects can partner or support the existing UN SDGs’ related programmes.

Please register here: UCSI Online Registration for SDG Related Programs and Activities