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UCSI Group Initiative

UCSI Group has created an avenue for its community to submit an online voluntary reporting on their in-house sustainable projects. These goodwill projects are designed by UCSI Group but they may not fit directly with any UN SDGs’ target.

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UN SDGs Actions

There are overlapping of UN SDGs in almost every project. To simplify reporting and tracking, UCSI Group has created an avenue for its community to submit on-line voluntary reporting on their projects based on the 5Ps theme: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. Some projects may encompass a few UN SDGs and hence may incorporate several ‘P’s. UCSI’s UN SDGs report collate information on all goals and targets that are relevant to every project.


SDGs Programmes and Activities Registration

2018 – 2019 June Top 3 SDG Related Projects

  • Nature is Our Treasure by UCSI Child Development Centre
  • Palm Oil Student Ambassador Program by UCSI University Trust
  • Tiered Planter Workshop by UCSI University Trust

Interested to support SDGs together with UCSI? We welcome volunteerism, please click here for partnership opportunities:

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