UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting

UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting (BOSC) @ UCSI Consulting Group, is a certified member of the global Blue Ocean Strategy Community of Practice with focus in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, and the United States.

We have a successful track record of helping companies, from various industries, tackle their strategic challenges by:
Creating Breakthrough Strategies
Reaching New Customers
Pushing Industry Boundaries

This is what we do for our clients. And we have been doing it for years.

UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting is part of the Global Network of UCSI Consulting Group, a consultancy firm specialized in the field of strategy, innovation and leadership. UCSI Consulting Group operates through UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting (BOSC) and UCSI Leadership Development Centre (ULDC).

Our history:
Since its creation in 1986, the UCSI Education group has weathered many storms and known much success. As a result, UCSI is now recognized as a provider of academic and entrepreneurial excellence in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. In June 2008, the UCSI Education Group entered into a ground breaking agreement with the Blue Ocean Strategy-Initiative Centre (BOSIC) UK, resulting in the creation of the UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre (UCSI BOSRC), which held the exclusive regional license to conduct Blue Ocean Strategy businesses over Malaysia, Australia, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Since 2015, UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting becomes one of the few selected certified members of the global Blue Ocean Strategy Community of Practice, thus setting no boundaries to our reach and expanding our services to target clients worldwide.

UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services to formulate, execute and sustain successful strategies to achieve fast results. All our services are based on the cornerstone principle of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS):
Value Innovation, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost.

Services Available:

1) BOS Consulting:
The Strategy Formulation Consulting: designed to help clients create uncontested market space and make competitions irrelevant, achieving fast breakthrough success via strategic insights, thinking and corporate alignment, using a 4-step approach: Visual Awakening (where are we now?), Visual Exploration (what are the possibilities?), Visual Strategy Creation (how do we chart a new path?), Visual Strategy Fair (how can we get everyone onboard to execute the new strategy?)

The Strategy Execution Consulting: developed to provide a consultation on overcoming common organizational hurdles and minimizing management risks. We support our clients to bring the BOS ideas to life achieving results in a short period of time with high impact, sustaining successful and profitable strategies. The BOS tools and methodologies play a leading role in identifying hot spots and cold spots and manage efficiently the allocation of resources.

2) BOS Workshops:
In-Action Workshops: specially designed to apply the BOS tools & frameworks to the client’s case in order to develop embryonic BOS ideas and strategic options.

Simulation Workshops: developed to focus on “action learning” whereby team of participants work through the entire BOS process using simulation cases developed on real business stories, to put into practice and learn the BOS tools and to think out of the box.

3) BOS Incubator:
SEED: Develop a sustainable business model and solid business plan
STRATEGIZE: Identify solutions to compelling strategic challenges and develop growth strategies
SCALE UP: Connect to an international network of clientele for possible synergistic business partnerships

4) Blue Ocean Leadership:
Blue Ocean Leadership Workshop: based on the Blue Ocean Leadership framework, with the objective of building the Blue Ocean Leaders of tomorrow, it is designed for the Management Team to develop their leadership practices that inspire employees to excel and act with commitment.

The Location:
UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting is headquartered in the North Wing campus of the UCSI University grounds, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Through its partners, UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting expands its reach in the countries of focus, and has two partner offices strategically located in Singapore and Australia.

To know more about our services and for additional information please contact us at +603 9101 8880 ext 5040 or enquiry@ucsiblueoceanstrategy.com



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